Sasha Zlykh is a DJ, producer and label boss from Kyiv, Ukraine. Sasha’s earlyintroduction to music came through his father, a funk musician and passionate vinyl collector of all kinds of music imaginable. By the age of 17,Sasha was booked to play his first party in the Ukrainian capital. His journey into the world of DJ’ing started here. A couple years later, he found himself accidentally stumbling in to places like Closer Club and the CXEMA raves in Kyiv. He had a vision and realised his musical dreams and variety of musical preferences were as wide as his dads were. He figured there’s no bad genres but sometimes bad musicians - just like his dad used to say. Sasha co-founded label “Amanita Gems” alongside Kyiv-based artist and good friend Trippsy. Lot’s of releases already planned for the next year after the success of their first which came in late 2021 produced by Pahatam aka O’FortyFour – Private Eye [AMG001]”.

Sasha tends to tamper with the darker, distorted areas of minimal, electro, techno and house. Twitchy hip hop samples, spacey chords and vintage arcadesounds are what he likes. Dark yet uplifting, consistently groovy and a very big smile. His record collection is vast and his ambition to understand the crowd and keep people moving is evident every time he steps up to the decks.

Sasha dived deep into the world of DJ’ing and producing his own tracks was just around the corner. His first EP “Lie To Your Mom” came out on Hamburgbased label, The Press Group in 2019. He’s also had appearances on the infamous Kultura Zvuka and Criminal Practice VA’s. In 2020 Sasha’s “Pink Flame EP”was released on Twig, two collaboration tracks for Bristol based label, Lapse Records, a track for Domesticated005 VA and a release on Tbilisi based label Small Moves VA compilations EP ‘Small World” released in 2021.